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Nikki Cheetham spent her working life at the BBC, with an equal passion for documentary and live event television. She later became MD of the factual side of Britain's largest independent production company, Endemol UK, inventing interactive television formats for broadcast. From Restoration (BBC2) to Pet Rescue (C4)  her credits range across the popular spectrum.

As an artist ,Nikki's work is inspired by water, in particular the seascapes of Cornwall where she lived for many years.Whether attempting to capture the elusive quality of river mists on a serene evening sail, or the feeling of surrender to ferocious waves, she expresses an emotional response to the landcape. "I have recently moved to a village near the River Thames - its mists feel ancient & energising. It will probably take a lifetime to capture the strength of it."

Nikki works in acrylics, oils and inks, layering washes to create depth and tone, and using a mix of brushes & palette knife for added texture and definition.

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